Smart Array
Smart Array is an effective tool developed to investigate and explore genomics data in real-time. It is extremely fast and fluidic in performing statistical analysis, produce interactive visualizations and apply analytical techniques to find potential biomarkers in the genomic data.
Xarang is a real time machine learning toolbox that accommodates Incremental/Decremental learning and Add/Delete variables on the fly, assists Distributed computing and Parallel processing.
Happy Reader
Happy reader is a robust gigabyte-sized text file reader that manages data securely. It can view, edit large text files, do statistical operations, filter, split and transpose files.
New Book: Data Science for Biomarkers Discovery
The advent of multi-omics technologies (e.g., genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics) has brought the hope of discovering novel biomarkers that can be used to diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of diseases. Data science has an important role in identifying biomarkers (biological markers) using data from Microarray and RNA-Seq experiments.